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:bulletblue: Innocent bath.
:bulletblue: Friendly bath.
:bulletblue: Mature bath.

:bulletblue: Chalk as paint(grind to get the pigment), to paint person whom you have a relationship with of any kind. Paint your friend, enemy, family, lover, etc.
:bulletblue: Hobby chalk.
:bulletblue: Teaching chalk.
War Table

:bulletblue: Commander/General's advice.
:bulletblue: Received a message while planning.
:bulletblue: Sex table.

:bulletblue: Someone needs a blanket.
:bulletblue: You need a blanket.
:bulletblue: You both need a blanket.

:bulletblue: Something happens, two OC's are on either side of a door.
:bulletblue: Walk through a door with someone, friend, foe or other.
:bulletblue: A door can be many different things; a barrier separates you from something/someone you want.

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